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Connecticut State house-calls


CT DOG teeth cleaning house-call

. Duration:1 hr 15 mins··. Price:$235

CT CAT teeth cleaning house-call

. Duration:1 hr 5 mins··. Price:$195

Manhattan-Bronx Area House-calls


Manhattan-Bronx DOG Oral Hygiene House-calls

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$295

Manhattan-Bronx CAT Oral Hygiene House-calls

. Duration:50 mins··. Price:$230

Brooklyn - Queens Area House-calls


Brooklyn - Queens DOG Oral Hygiene House-call

. Duration:1 hr 10 mins··. Price:$265

Brooklyn - Queens CAT Oral Hygiene House-call

. Duration:50 mins··. Price:$210

NY Westchester County House-call


Westchester County NY DOG House-call

. Duration:1 hr 10 mins··. Price:$255

Westchester County NY CAT House-call

. Duration:50 mins··. Price:$210

Massachusetts State house-calls


MA DOG teeth cleaning house-call

. Duration:1 hr 15 mins··. Price:$265

MA CAT teeth Cleaning house-call

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$210

About us

Smile4Pet is a leading provider of anesthesia-free teeth cleaning services for dogs and cats in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. Smile4Pet offers a safe and affordable alternative to traditional anesthetic-based cleanings.

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241 reviews
  • AJ Taylor·

    Where do I begin!! I have already referred "Dimitry The Great" to several friends! This experience was amazing, our Chance trusted Dimitry, he never made a sound! Very affordable and painless to our boy!

  • Liza·

    I highly recommend! It was my Yorkies first teeth cleaning and it went so well. Dimitri is professional, friendly, handled my dog with great care and knowledgeable. I appreciate the fact he has this service for animals. I also liked he had follow up care instructions. He was on time, explained how he would go about cleaning my dogs teeth and did his thing. Thank you, Dimitri!

  • Dana DeOliveira·

    Dmitrii was amazing and was able to work on my 13 year old Maltese that had never gotten a dental cleaning done. My dog’s teeth look amazing! Highly recommend!

  • Lisa·

    AMAZING! Professional, personable, knowledgeable - Thank YOU!

  • Richard·

    We had an excellent experience with Dmitri with both of our 12 year old Havanese. We are very pleased and would recommend him with enthusiasm.

  • Kendall·

    This will now be an annual appointment, I am so impressed with the results!

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